Publish Date, etc.

The Numbers module is the second of 3 modules of the ( Going to ) Kindergarten handwriting curriculum. Currently, the Numbers module is 80% finished. The workbook and supportive materials are 100% completed. The videos are 60% finished. Lessons will begin to be uploaded subscribers starting the end of August with the entire module uploaded by mid September, or sooner.

The outline below will give you an idea of the curriculum. Needed materials will be exactly the same as uppercase module.

By purchasing this module as a pre-sell, you are getting a huge discount from what the price will be after all sections are published. You will have a year from the date of the completed module (not the date you buy) to access the videos and all materials. If you purchase this as a pre-sale on August 4th, and the entire module is completed and uploaded on September 15th, you will still have a year from September 15th to enjoy.

Thank you ! Please reach out to me with any additional questions. [email protected]

Happy handwriting!